Black Hair Styling Book Recommendations
Natural Hair Care and Braiding
by Diane Carol Bailey, Soneni B. Smith (Contributor)

Customer Comment:
This book was great! when or if you decide to be natural, or if you already are, you will learn something new. Great information about several natural hair styles, braids, with or with out extensions, Afros, Twists, Locks/Dreadlocks. The pictures were Great! Fabulous information on essential oils, great recipes, this book is great for someone who is going to school for natural hair or someone who just wants to learn. It is a teaching book, healthy hair begins from the inside out. What I liked about the Locks section is that it is straight up and to the point, real locks will not  happen over night. Page 245 sums it all up. I like how she saved the best for last! I'm partial though cause I have Locks. This book will teach you how to be natural and stay natural.
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Hairtalk: Stylish Braids from African Roots
by Duyan James

Customer Comment:
Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of books that have such a wide variety of photos and instructions of braided/twisted/locked hairstyles. As someone who has consistently been disappointed by the "braid" magazines which display sort of "hair show" styles that are impractical for everyday life, I found this book a breath of fresh air. It shows many different styles along with basic instructions on how to do them, how long it takes and some idea of cost. Just what I needed!
Beautiful Black Hair: Real Solution to Real Problems
by Shamboosie

In this instructional guide, Shamboosie, a color master consultant, gives helpful tips and simple techniques for achieving beautiful, healthy hair.

John Blassingame, Publisher, Hype Hair and Today’s Black Woman
"Very informative! Shamboosie is a legend to the hair industry."

This Comprehensive book has the answers to all your questions about the care of your hair whether it is natural, relaxed or color-treated. You’ll learn everything you need to know about: Growing Your Hair Long and Healthy, Stopping your hair from breaking overnight, Getting rid of dryness and preventing it forever. Applying chemical relaxer properly with no burning ever. Choosing the best conditioners for your hair and Using a daily maintenance program for maximum effectiveness.
It's All Good Hair: The Guide to Styling and Grooming
Black Children's Hair
by Michele N-K Collison (Author)

Customer Comment:
This book had excellent sources of information. I had been having difficultly making my daughter happy with my hair styles. My daughter went through the episode where she wanted long wavy hair like her best friend with "GOOD" hair. Trying to make my 9 yr. old daughter happy. I let her get her hair braided with extensions. They looked horrible. I immediately took them out. My daughter had naturally beautiful hair, just not long and bone straight. I used to put her hair in the cutest pony tails, but I was pulling her edges too much, and her edges began to break. This book confirmed my thoughts about my theory of my daughters edges. Then I gave my daughter a perm so that I could maintain her hair without pulling on it so much to make it smooth. My daughter was so scared to get a perm because a idiot relative had told her that perms made your hair fall out. She cried like a baby as I was perming her hair. So I made her a promise that we would take extra care in her hair so that it wouldn't fall out. And that is what we have been doing with taking more time after shampoos to condition it. But I thought that maybe I shouldn't perm it as often as the perm said to help from breakage. Well this book dumped that theory right in the water. Lastly I was always afraid to use rubber bands in her hair because I thought it would break off her hair. I gave her individual twist which would never last long at all. After reading the book I decided to give twist with rubber bands at the base of the scalp. This style came out so cute. And now I know that all I have to do is cut the rubber bands out to prevent breakage.
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by Francesco Mastalia, Alfonse Pagano, Alice Walker (Introduction)

Customer Comment:
As a locked hair style wearer and natural hair care provider I simply had to have this book. I mainly ordered this book to be used as a conversation piece in my natural hair salon. Well, this book is exactly that! The pictures and stories of people from different countries, nationalities and walks of life enlightened all of my clients who have read it. "Dreads" takes the reader into a whole new world about the beautiful style of locked hair.

One can clearly see that Dreadlocks doesn't necessarily mean unkept and dirty hair. There are images of the Rasta's (those whose locks have formed without any or little manipulation) as well as images of individuals who chose to carefully cultivate their head of locks. I find the images/photographs to be captivating and the articles to be enlightening. If you are into natural hair styling, photography or just simply Locks then owning a copy of "Dreads" is an absolute must.

Going-Natural: How to Fall in Love with Nappy Hair [Illustrated]
by Mireille Liong-A-Kong

Have you ever considered going natural but thought it would be too hard? Try Going-Natural!

This book helps you reacquaint with your natural hair and shows you how to grow out a perm. But more than that, this book makes a joy out of what you thought would be a difficult journey.

Find out
~ The best way for you to go natural
~ How to enjoy your journey
~ Why your hair is breaking
~ The basics of natural hair styling
~ How to grow and groom natural hair
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Locs for Life: The Root to Well Being for African-American Women
by Kalimah Johnson

If you are a person thinking about locking or are in the beginning stages, this book is perfect for you. It talks about the stages of locking, the methods of starting, and the physical/emotional benefits.


It's a wonderful reference to have. For mature loc wearers, some of the concepts Johnson presents in her book may be ones you already know or heard of, but her approach of locs and the well-being of African American women is refreshing and still makes the book a nice addition to your personal library.

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Grow It: How To Grow Afro-Textured Hair To Maximum Lengths In The Shortest Time
by Chicoro

Customer Comment:
The author gives a detail description on how to wash, condition, moisturize, maintain and grow your natural hair. She mentions natural ingredients to use in your hair. She gives detail description on how to actually wash your hair so that it would grow to longer lengths. She also explains the necessity of preserving our ends in order to truly have long hair.


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